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CBEngine Review

A Review of CBEngine

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This is our CBEngine Review. If you’re looking for the official CBEngine site please click the link below.

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When I first started using CBEngine it was a free resource. Admittedly… that was years ago, and it was an invaluable resource then.

There’s a TON of useful information that CBEngine gives you that can really impact your Click Bank sales. It’s no wonder that they made it into a paid product.

Anyway, here’s our CBEngine Review.

CBEngine Review – What Is It?

CBEngine is actually a Click Bank resource tool that allows you to see a lot of the metrics that Click Bank Marketplace doesn’t disclose.

You have to realize that Click Bank has to appease their vendors too. After all they are charging them to be on their network.

There’s obviously some information left out, that if affiliates knew, would impact vendor sales.

CBEngine fills that void, and gives you some other important metrics that can lead to hidden treasures and help affiliates avoid promoting “non converting” products.

CBEngine gives you:

  • Recent Gravity In Graph Form – Which allows you to know if the product is still converting or if it was due to a launch you may have missed.
  • Vendor Payout % – Unfortunately some vendors change their payouts and start collecting e-mails with their products instead of paying out to affiliates. This metric will immediately let you know if a vendor is doing that.
  • New Product Listing-This is a great launch jacking tool to give you some insight into new products. If there is a big name behind the product you’ll know it’s about to launch. This is also one of my favorites for finding new keywords to promote because the vendor wouldn’t make a product unless there was a reason.
  • A More Accurate Filter – If you’ve ever typed a specific product name into Click Bank and gotten a lot of results that weren’t even close,  you’ll appreciate CBEngine’s filter. It removes all the paid “fluff” and gives you the real results.

CBEngine Review – What I Liked

The pro version of CBengine gives you all the information that makes CBengine so useful. You also get the commission and gravity filter. You can quickly drill down thousands of products. You can quickly see the winners.

You can also filter by new products, which is a goldmine in itself. It’ll literally let you in on thousands of niches that aren’t heavily promoted yet… which means easier sales.

CBEngine Review – What I Didn’t Like

Besides the fact that you used to get all the information free, you still get banner ads when you upgrade to pro. It’s not a huge deal but I don’t see the need to place banners in front of paying affiliates.

However I do understand that the sites resources cost a lot to upkeep, so I’ll forgive CBEngine for now.

CBEngine Review – Overall Thoughts

If you’re an affiliate who uses Click Bank than I’d strongly recommend Matt Broich’s CBEngine. It’s got tons of insider insight that help you cut through some of the vendor fluff.  The tools let you immediately know if a product is worth promoting and you can quickly filter through thousands of products that fit the metrics you’re looking for.


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